Our Philosophy

“These children are not disordered. They may have a different style of thinking, attending, and behaving, but it’s the broader social and educational influences that create the disorder, not the children. “

Thomas Armstrong, PhD

‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ (ADHD) is a diagnosis that sends a parent into a tailspin when they find out that one of their own is struggling with it.  There are numerous studies dedicated to investigating its cause and it is, today, one of the top ten most studied disorders.

adhd awarenessDespite the fact that the source of this disorder is still vague, the symptoms that define ADHD are prevalent and prominent, so much so that approximately five to nine percent of  children in North America alone have been diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and prescribed medications as the primary method of treatment.  While I would never tell a parent to not medicate their child, I would, however, encourage a broader approach to its treatment including nutrition, supplements, exercise, coaching and many other approaches.  Medicine can be an important tool to a child or youth’s success but the addition of holistic approached can ensure the success of the child to be that much greater.

Our question – what is ADHD?  Why are so many children being diagnosed with it these days, and what could be the real cause of it?  How much do we really know about the effects of medications and other approaches we use on our children and how will these approaches affect our child’s lives physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and socially as they grow up?

Together, we feel it is our duty to share our knowledge and insight by offering practical strategies for dealing with ADHD in safe and non-invasive ways.  We are the voice for children affected by ADHD who are not able to have the vocal input into their own well being.  It is our belief that in the very moment we label children as being disordered, we influence the way they will see themselves and define their future in a less than positive way as a result.

Many, or most, will agree that parenting is not easy – especially parenting a child or youth with ADHD.  We are certain that this was not part of the dream of parenthood when planning to have children.  Does some of the diagnosis perhaps happen because children these days are misunderstood?  Is it because they are evolving and no longer fit into the convenience of the ‘one size fits all’ society that we have become, a society which, on the other hand, claims to celebrate diversity, liberty and freedom of expression?

We do have a choice, however, in how we treat ADHD – we can keep allowing these things to happen to our children, or we can take responsibility for their well being by taking action and educating ourselves about the reality of the ADHD diagnosis:  the effectiveness of proper treatment and why it is so important that we stop labeling our children now.

We are devoted to helping raise awareness within the community of why children need to stop being labeled as being diseased and disordered.  And, as a mother and expert in my field, I wish to help inform parents about the gift that ADHD can be and all of the treatments available today to help them.

Karen Ryan